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What do I get for my subscription?2021-06-17T21:22:55+01:00
Brickish is the oldest LEGO User Group (LUG) in the UK. We are a volunteer-run association united around a common passion of collecting and building LEGO. As a Brickish member you will have access to the online forum and Facebook Group, you can display your creations at public meetings, or join us at some of our members-only events. As a member of a recognized LUG there will also be opportunities, from time to time, to get involved in some of the AFOL programs run by the LEGO group (such as LUG shopping days at LEGO brand stores, or the annual opportunity to purchase LEGO in bulk). As the only UK-wide LUG, we encourage all our members to get involved in some way – whether by displaying or volunteering at events, attending social meetings, or by participating on the forum or Facebook group.
We would like to organise a LEGO event. Would Brickish be able to help with this? Can your members display at our event?2021-06-17T21:19:44+01:00

Brickish is involved in many brick shows, and so the Brickish calendar is already very packed. That said, we will ask our membership whether they would be willing to take part in your event. Our members do have many commitments, and so you may want to think whether there is anything that you can offer in return, such as paying for expenses or a small thank you.

We are organising our own LEGO event, or promoting some LEGO-based product. Would you be able to advertise this on your website?2021-06-17T21:20:33+01:00

Brickish is a group of LEGO enthusiasts, and our members organise many events for the general public. We are not really a blog, and so we would not typically advertise events or products for third parties. We wish you all the best with your endeavour.

Is it possible for me to have a retail stall at your Brickish event?2021-06-17T21:21:34+01:00

Brickish members usually support over 30 shows each year, but these are not actually run directly by Brickish. Typically, shows are organised by different individuals, and so you will need to reach out to the specific organisers and enquire with them.

I work for TV / radio / local newspaper and we are wondering whether we could speak to any of your members.2021-06-17T21:22:01+01:00

We are happy to post on our forum and Facebook Group about media enquiries, although we cannot guarantee that any members will be interested. Please be as specific as possible when detailing what you are looking for.

I am looking to find a LEGO artist/builder that can build me a model. Can you help?2019-04-04T20:14:14+01:00

Brickish is a national group of LEGO hobbyists, some of whom do carry out commission builds. We will post any serious requests on the forum to see if there is any interest.

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