The Brick Issue

The Brick Issue is our very own newsletter covering a wide range of LEGO-related stories, Brickish news and event reports. Each issue is available as a PDF file to members only in the first instance, but PDF files of back issues are available to non-members on this page.

Please note that the PDFs are up to 3Mb in size so may take a while to download.

Issue 28, March 2013

Brick issue cover
  • Knobtown Road Station, Anthony Tomkins
  • Cuusoo ~ The Story So Far, Peter Reid
  • A Brush With Fame, Tim Goddard
  • Around The World On A Wheelchair, Simon Burfield
  • A Newbies Guide To The BA Website, Various contributors
  • Golowood Chronicle, Peter Corish

Issue 27, December 2012

Brick issue cover
  • Modifying LEGO - for the Egyptians, Steven Tasker
  • An Age-Old Cure for Old-Aged LEGO, Various contributors
  • Jubilee Year: Building a LEGO Tram, Adrian Croshaw
  • Review of the 10th Great Western LEGO Show, Various contributors
  • Golowood Chronicle, Peter Corish

Issue 26, August 2012

Brick issue cover
  • Happy Birthday to ... er ... Us!, Robert Clarkson
  • Mosaics, Stephen Juby
  • Member Profile, Fernanda Rimini
  • Elementary Favourites, Skegga (Eleanor Thorn)
  • Ambassadors, Ideas & MOCs on Display, Gary Davis
  • United in Manchester, Dr. Dave Watford
  • Build When You’re Winning, Wesley Keen
  • Tranquility Base, Louise Dade

Issue 25, March 2012

Brick issue cover
  • I'm Out...and Proud!, James Camplin
  • AGM Agenda, Ed Diment
  • (Building) The Old Curiosity Rock, Barney Main
  • SNOT Lettering, William Howard
  • Member Profile, Paula Sedley-Burke
  • Member Profile, Andy Glascott
  • AFOLCON and The LEGO Show, Warren Elsmore
  • LEGORENA, Steve Price
  • Tranquility Base, Louise Dade

Issue 24, December 2011

Brick issue cover
  • Southport Air Show, Robert Clarkson
  • The Great Western LEGO Show, Various Contributors
  • 5 minute model: Desk, Clever Person
  • Tranquility Base, Louise Dade

Issue 23, June 2011

Brick issue cover
  • The future of the BA, Ed Diment
  • AFOLCON 2011, James Shields
  • Buckinghamshire Railway Show, Eleanor Thorn
  • USS Intrepid meets USS Intrepid, Ed Diment
  • 5 minute model: Engine, Richard Forster-Pearson
  • Brick-oku, Pabs
  • Tranquility Base, Louise Dade

Issue 22, March 2011

Brick issue cover
  • Designing a trail layout, David Tabner
  • LEGO trains, David Graham
  • Brick Trick: Controlling 9v trains with PF, Richard Forster-Pearson
  • LEGO at WEXWorlds, James Shields
  • 5 minute model: Launch harbour master, David Tabner
  • Tranquility Base, Louise Dade

Issue 21, November 2010

Brick issue cover
  • Models in Manchester - Event Report, Robert Clarkson
  • The Great Western LEGO Show 2010 - Event Report, Various Contributors
  • LEGO Landscapes - Event Report, Naomi Farr
  • Building an Army of LEGO Daleks!, James Shields
  • The MUGS Report, James Shields
  • Brick Trick, David Tabner
  • Brick-oku, Ian Greig aka Bluemoose
  • Tranquility Base, Louise Dade

Issue 20, July 2010

Brick issue cover
  • AGM Report, James Shields
  • Back to Block - Amy Winehouse, Justin Ramsden
  • PF Trains, Alec Hole
  • Tranquility Base, Louise Dade
  • Art Deco Power, David Tabner
  • Heroes of Energy - MOSI Event Report, Robert Clarkson
  • Brick-oku, Ian Greig aka Bluemoose
  • Brick Trick, David Mackenzie

Issue 19, March 2010

Brick issue cover
  • Christmas Party Review, Doctor Sinister
  • STEAM - event review in photos, Various contributors
  • Hot Sets, David Graham
  • Tranquility Base, Louise Dade
  • Not Bored But Certainly Game, Sian Hockaday
  • LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Modelmaker Auditions, James Shields
  • 5 minute model: Wall.E and EVE, James Shields and James Brophy
  • Brick-oku, Ian Greig aka Bluemoose
  • AGM Teaser and Agenda, Michael LeCount

Issue 18, August 2009

Brick issue cover
  • LEGOholics Anonymous, Carl Greatrix
  • We Built It “My Way”, Gary Davis
  • 100 Years of British Flight, Ed Diment
  • Mission to Moscow, Pete Reid
  • Tranquility Base, Louise Dade
  • What’s New At, Huw Millington
  • Alresford Festival Event Report, Peter Corish and Anthony Tomkins
  • 30 Years of Classic Space - the Aftermath, James Shields
  • Brick Tricks, Stuart Crawshaw and Louise Dade

Issue 17, March 2009

Brick issue cover
  • New Year Party Review, Doctor Sinister
  • Thirty Years of Space, James Shields
  • Neo-Classic Space, James Shields
  • 5 minute model: Computer Terminal, Pete Reid and James Shields
  • Tranquility Base, Louise Dade
  • AGM Teaser, Michael LeCount
  • Merrist Wood Event Review, David Tabner
  • Drogheda Animal Rescue Centre, James Shields
  • Just for Laughs, Phil Traviss

Issue 16, November 2008

Brick issue cover
  • Happy Birthday Minifig, Richard Ellis
  • Mini Media Mayem, Darren Smith
  • STEAM Event Review, James Shields
  • 5 minute model: British Army Tent, Jason Railton
  • Skaerbaek Event Review, James Shields
  • Jedi News: Death Star Build in Store, James Shields

Issue 15, July 2008

Brick issue cover
  • Ferraris don't have to be red, Mark Palmer
  • Member profile: Jon Goldsworthy,
  • Small farm model, Sian Hockaday
  • Avians, Tim Goddard
  • LEGO photography, Mark Palmer
  • Book review: LEGO Mindstorms NXT zoo, Louise Dade
  • Stanier Black 5, Andrew Harvey
  • 2008 AGM report, James Shields
  • Five minute model: Piano, Martin Long

Issue 14, March 2008

Brick issue cover
  • Stuart and Naomi's house fest, James Shields
  • 6th Brickish AGM, Michael LeCount
  • Member Profile: Robert Clarkson,
  • LEGOLand Discovery Centre Berlin, Chris Hall
  • East Brickley station, David Tabner
  • 50th Anniversary media frenzy, Simon Bennett
  • Brick built roads, Peter Reid
  • Five minute model: 4-wide coach, Richard James

Issue 13, November 2007

Brick issue cover
  • Brickish Association 'Newbies', Ralph Savelsberg et. al.
  • BA Christmas party, James Sutton
  • The Princess and the Frogs, Neil Martin
  • LEGO 75th Anniversay celebration, William Howard and Martin Long
  • Member profile: Mandy Dee,
  • Point controllers, Richard James
  • Red Arrow, Ralph Savelsberg and Ed Diment
  • 5 minute model: Classic LEGO duck, Richard James

Issue 12, July 2007

Brick issue cover
  • Five minute model: Wasp, Ralph Savelsberg
  • Chairman's Report, Simon Bennett
  • Bulleid Q1, Mark Palmer
  • Member Profile, Ed Diment
  • HMS Edinburgh, Ed Diment
  • Merrist Wood 2007, David Tabner

Issue 11, March 2007

Brick issue cover
  • Member Profile, Stuart Crawshaw and Naomi Farr
  • Five minute model: Love Seat, William Howard
  • Double Cross Vignette, Neil Martin
  • Merrist Wood Models, David Tabner
  • Space Monorail, Stephen Juby
  • Modular Castle Town, William Howard
  • Irish Trains, James Shields
  • Chairman's Report, Simon Bennett
  • Brick Tricks, William Howard and Tim Gould

Issue 10, November 2006

Brick issue cover
  • Event Report: Brickfest 2006, Peter Reid
  • BA Christmas Party flyer, James Sutton
  • Five minute model: Goat, Jason Railton
  • Game On - LEGO Traffic Jam, Fiona Dickinson
  • Me and My Minifigs, Sian Hockaday
  • Village Buildings, James Stacey
  • BA Tableware offer, Michael LeCount
  • Groundworks, Richard James
  • Chairman's Report, Simon Bennett
  • Member Profile, John Barnes
  • Event Report: Billund Factory Tour, David Tabner

Issue 9, July 2006

Brick issue cover
  • Mind the Gap! London Underground Trains, David Tabner
  • Five minute model: Covered Well, William Howard
  • Game On - LEGO Cathedral, Fiona Dickinson
  • Event Report: Merrist Wood, David Tabner
  • Member Profile, David Graham
  • Modulex - A World of Tiny Bricks, Yvonne Doyle
  • Window into the Community, Ian Greig
  • Chairman's Report, Simon Bennett
  • More SNOT building techniques, Jason Railton

Issue 8, March 2006

Brick issue cover
  • Chairman's Report, Simon Bennett
  • Member Profile, Richard Forster-Pearson
  • ScotFest-Truckfest 2005, David Graham
  • Who will buy my wares?, William Howard
  • Building the village, David Mackenzie
  • Building The Delphinus, Stephen Juby
  • Lego selling, a husbands point of view, Matt Pike
  • Five minute model: Bench, David Mackenzie

Issue 7, September 2005

Brick issue cover
  • Building LEGO Ships, David Tabner
  • Secretary's Report, Jon Reynolds
  • Member Profile, Phil Traviss
  • AFOL Archetypes, Simon Bennett
  • LEGO Inside Tour, Richard James and Justin Ramsden
  • LEGO Robots (Part II), Peter Reid
  • Modern House, Mandy Dee

Issue 6, October 2004

Brick issue cover
  • Five minute model: Mini Naboo Fighter, Richard James
  • Building the Colonial Vipers, Rhys Knight
  • LEGOLAND Billund, Huw Millington
  • Art Deco/Building tips, Mark Palmer
  • Brick Baffles Boffins, Phil Traviss
  • Collaboration, Tony Priestman
  • San Diego Comic Con, James Bacon

Issue 5, June 2004

Brick issue cover
  • Five minute model: Dalek, Jason Railton
  • AGM 2004 review, Tony Priestman
  • Review of 'Getting started with LEGO trains', David Graham
  • How do you store LEGO?, Justin Watkins
  • The rise of Blacktron, Peter Reid
  • Lessons of a LEGO show, William Howard

Issue 4, Christmas 2003

Brick issue cover
  • Organising a LEGOfest, David Graham
  • Scary Laboratory set review, Mark Palmer
  • Five Minute models: Cow and Ram, Alastair Disley and Jason Railton
  • Advanced SNOT, Jason Railton
  • Introduction, Tony Priestman
  • It takes all sorts, Jon Reynolds
  • LEGO Robots, Peter Reid
  • The Orient Hotel, William Howard
  • LEGOLAND Deutschland, Huw Millington

Issue 3, Summer 2003

Brick issue cover
  • Event Horizon, Peter Reid
  • LEGO SNOT, Jason Railton
  • LEGO Sorting, Jon Reynolds
  • Mos-LEGO, a collaborative project, Peter Reid
  • Five minute model: Apple tree, Fiona Dickinson
  • Introduction, Tony Priestman

Issue 2, March 2003

Brick issue cover
  • Five minute model: Picnic table, Simon Bennett
  • Five minute model: Sheep, Mark Palmer
  • Round the bend - LEGO flex, Stuart Jones
  • Book review: LEGO Software Power Tools, Huw Millington
  • Seminal sets, Simon Bennett
  • Annual LEGO festival and general meeting, Tony Priestman

Issue 1, December 2002

Brick issue cover
  • Illegal moves, Peter Reid
  • The BA website, Huw Millington
  • BLTC modules, Mark Palmer
  • Building the A4 Mallard, Jon Reynolds
  • Five minute model: A skip, Huw Millington
  • Introduction to the Association, Tony Priestman