Brickish model at LEGO Leicester Square store

30 May 2017

The LEGO Brand Stores have a LEGO User Group (LUG) Showcase - a display box in which AFoL models can be displayed. Models are displayed for about six weeks then switched with a new one. These are co-ordinated by AFoL groups like Brickish.
Don't forget to have a look when you next visit the stores.

Sparkbee starfighter by Alec Hole on landing pad by Jon Gale

‘Sparkbee’ starfighter by Alec Hole and hexagonal landing pad by Jon Gale.

The ‘Sparkbee’ is a custom Star Wars spacecraft, inspired by the design of both the X-Wing fighter and the Y-Wing, the ageing workhorse of the Rebel fleet.

Jon’s hexagonal landing pad uses over 2000 grey lightsaber blades in its construction.